Digital Humans can add value in many different situations and use cases. The examples we describe here, are the cases where we currently see a lot of deployments and interest.

Customer Service

Make chatbot and voicebot interactions with your customers hyper personal by using a Digital Human as an additional modality in your conversational strategy. Conversations about high impact customer journeys like handling complaints or important life events like buying a new house can be far more engaging and empathic if a Digital Human drives those conversations versus filling out an online complaint form or a text-only chatbot that wants to know all kind of financial details for your mortgage. Give your brand a soul and let your customers feel they are important and valued.


Digital Humans are the perfect add-on in e-Health solutions. From advice and Q&A about your medication, to helping with post-surgery exercises, sharing information about surgeries or other treatments, proving pro-active reminders for daily routines or just being a buddy. With a Digital Human assisting in the repetitive communication with patients, they will feel more comfortable, more heard, less judged and better helped while the actual doctor can focus on his main tasks. The number of patients will increase, but the number of doctors will not. Digital Humans are ready to fill that gap.

Virtual Host

Whether in a retail store, hotel lobby, branch of a bank, an airport or train station, a Digital Human can be a perfect host to welcome your customers. They can help them out with their first an urgent questions and then hand-over to a human in case that is still required. Talking, touching or typing and even using your customer’s gestures and presence can be triggers for a Digital Host to start a conversation.

Brand Ambassador

Give your brand a face on LinkedIn, Instagram or any other channel where you want to reach you customers. Using a virtual Brand Ambassador or Virtual Influencer provides you with endless possibilities for storytelling, prevents your company from the bad publicity of real influencers and builds a consistent approach to the market as your virtual influencer is also the Digital Human on your website, at your head quarter’s reception etc.