A digital human is an avatar capable of showing facial expressions and body language, focused on emotion and empathy. Running on top of conversational systems like chatbots, digital humans can respond in an appropriate non-verbal way that is aligned with the topic and sentiment of the conversation.

This makes Digital Humans a very powerful tool that open up an additional layer of emotional connection with your customers. This emotional connection allows you to influence the most important part of communication that cannot be achieved with words alone. The feeling and trust that are created will enhance the effectiveness of a dialog and enables you to leave an unprecedented impression of your brand, leading to higher sales and loyalty.

This customer experience goes far beyond what text-based systems can do and deeply touches on empathy and providing an authentic experience. People will feel less lonely when interacting with a digital human, or better understood, or are more easily persuaded, depending on their situation.

There is a high level of freedom to decide how your Digital Human will look. Things like gender, ethnicity, hair and eyes can often be modified while using an existing model, or you can build your digital human from scratch. Digital Humans are leveraging an underlaying conversational platform for Natural Language Understanding, Speech to Text and Text to Speech. This can be your existing solution like Google Dialogflow, AWS, Nuance Mix, Microsoft, or any preferred combination.

An example of how a photorealistic Digital Human can look, sound and behave is shown in this explainer video.