The most obvious use cases for Digital Humans will be on websites and in mobile apps,
but also in other situations you will be able to successfully deploy a Digital Human for a whole different customer experience.

Kiosk, TV, Touchscreen
Image the interactive possibilities when introducing Digital Humans to
- touchscreen terminals for train tickets, drive through or other self-service concepts
- kiosks in airports, stations, or shopping malls
- office receptions or hotel tv’s.
This will create personal experiences for consumers while performing everyday activities like ordering, travelling or shopping.
Website & App
The most common use cases for Digitals Human will be deployments on websites or in mobile apps. Customers on an app or website can engage with the Digital Human to help them find an answer or solution, while leveraging all the benefits a digital human brings on top of the traditional text or voice based systems.
Digital Humans can also appear as face or full body holograms for an even more humanlike 3D experience.

Welcoming visitors to your office or shop, standing out from the crowd on a trade show. Combining a hologram with the human characteristics of a Digital Human, will lead to a felling of ‘presence’ and will leave an indelible impression.

Digital Humans are often used in video conversations. When doing this you can also think of leveraging your customer’s camera to read barcodes for specific advice on scanned medicines, recipes based on scanned ingredients or any other creative use cases. This will add value to Digital Human conversations on a different level.