Using a digital Human in your communication with customers has a few clear benefits that apply to every situation.

By adding emotions and gestures, Digital Humans leave an impression instead of sharing an expression.

Only 7% of our communication is made up of the words we say, The other 93% consists of our tone of voice and body language. Digital Humans solely focus on this 93%, making them far more effective compared to text or voice only communication, because they can make a true connection and emotionally touch your customers.
From: ‘Silent Messages’ by Albert Mehrabian

Digital Humans change communication with you customers from effective into affective.

When describing Digital Humans you will often hear words like empathy, animation, emotion, engaging, react to environment, soul of a brand, personality etc. I’ll bet you have never heard these words in relation to the existing systems like virtual assistants, voicebots and smart speakers. Imagine all this is within control when using a Digital Human.

Let your customers speak to some-one instead of some-thing.

By adding a Digital Human to your chatbot conversations, you offer your customers the chance to talk to some-one instead of to some-thing. It goes without saying that people treat someone different than they treat something. This means you can expect higher engagement rates, new audiences that are attracted to this ‘some-one’, increased trust in the answers the Digital Human provides and overall improved customer satisfaction.

Increased NPS will turn detractors into promotors of your brand.

This figure shows the percentage consumers (white) who are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. This proves that an outstanding experience drives customer loyalty and NPS. Digital Humans strongly contribute to a positive experience as they offer conversations that are far more engaging and appealing.

From: ‘Experience is everything: Here’s how to get it right ’ by PwC